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Exclusive events over the world

We provide our members with an interesting mix of events, ranging from relaxed intimate cocktails to glamorous weekend events . Find below a brief overview of recent events.
Vip Events ? Regular Events?
Our invitation-only networking events, held on a regular basis in cities were we have members, and offer a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people. Our popular GTM Signature Events are complimentary for members.
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Enjoy the GTM life with our member privileges

We partner with many great brands so you can enjoy life just a little more. Our member privileges include discounts, status upgrades, VIP treatments and many more!
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Why Smart Entrepreneurs & Special People
Are Joining Gentlemen ' s Club?

  1. They want to grow exponentially faster than they already are.
  2. Opportunities& Resources
  3. Education
  4. Looking to partner with other entrepreneurs on new opportunities, ideas & startups.
  5. Know that surrounding themselves with like-minded people will increase their chance of success exponentially.
  6. Realize that most successful entrepreneurs have a large network of mentors, coaches, friends and colleagues they can tap into for advice, but don't have the time, energy or will to spend hours in meetups or conferences.
  7. Vip Tratament, respect.
  8. Invitation-only networking events
  9. Motivation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the GTM - Membership Kit?

  • Education/ History of manners.
  • Encouragement to live for the good of all mankind, and ideas for practicing good citizenship and acting with charity and love.
  • Access to Members Application IOS + Android.
  • Card Discount to Gentlemen's Club Partners.
  • Support Certificate for our Gentlemen’s Club Association.
  • Gentlemen’s Club Bracelet.
  • Cigars Gentlemen’s Club.
  • Gentlemen’s Club Badge.
  • Monthly or bi-monthly events with privilege and senior members, which are often in public places (partners).

How to become a member

To join, we require an invitation from an existing member or an application approved by our membership committee.


Why is there a membership fee? Curating and maintaining our unique community requires resources. Our annual membership fee ensures that we can provide you with high quality service and fantastic privileges.